D&D Galactica

Return from the Keep

With the defeat of Kalarel the party decides to return with all haste to Winterhaven to answer the distress call they had received earlier from Valthrun in the journey book. The trip back is uneventful and the party makes good time.

Upon arriving at the outskirts of Winterhaven, a terrible sight awaits the party. Even from a distance, you can see the signs of a battle. There are multiple breaches in the walls and corpses can be seen strewn about everywhere. As you near the gates, you notice they seem to have been destroyed from the inside out. What ever happened here has long finished though. Despite all the damage, it seems the defenders of Winterhaven were ultimately victorious though not without cost.

Only one lone guard stands waiting at the gates, he looks haggard and weary, as if he hasn’t slept. Upon seeing you, he wearily waves you in and tells you that Lord Padraig has left instructions that should you return, that you should go see him at once at his Manor.

When asked what happened here, he briefly explains that they were attacked by undead that rose from the cemetary near Winterhaven. They locked down the gates and manned the walls. Everything seemed to be going well until a second attack was launched by a group of hobogoblin’s from within walls! The guards where too busy dealing with the undead threat outside that by the time anyone noticed and could do anything to stop them the hobogoblins had broken down the gates, stolen or released all the horses from the stables, and road out of town with wagons full of captive townsfolk, goods and supplies. After that, the undead poured into the town and all hell broke loose. The damage would probably have been even worse had an unknown paladin traveler not showed up and helped turn back the undead threat in their darkest hour.

He says he knows not how the hobogoblins got inside the town in the first place but that Lord Padraig has been in discussion with the surviving guards, the paladin and any townsfolk that may have seen anything suspicious trying to piece things together.

You leave the guard to his duty and make your way to Lord Padraig’s manor. On the way you see many dejected citizens milling about looking lost and depressed. There are some signs of recovery though, a few guards and townsfolk are at work, slowly clearing away the dead bodies and debris.

Upon arriving at the manor,

To be Continued.



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