D&D Galactica

The Blade of Death, the Touch of Life

"Sometimes death is a drake away."

Dearest Sophia,

I write to you via the casting of the nethertubes to let you know that I am alive. My dearest, I pray to Melora that you are well, both in spirit and in appearance. I’ve managed to find a short gasp of time to inform you of our adventures as we descend deeper and deeper into Shadowfell Keep to investigate the strange occurrences in the area.

My dearest, I do not wish to alarm you, but since our arrival we have struggled to stay alive. At times I wonder what it is that blesses us all with life and health…and then I remember that it is I, the healing cleric. In our most recent adventure, we barely made it out alive…

Our arrival at Shadowfell Keep was not uneventful, and the moment we entered the dark Keep, we were assaulted by a horde of goblins. Thanks to our fearless leader (who bravely discovered a hole in the ground filled with rats), we managed to fight off the goblins, all save for one. We charged after the goblin to ensure that it would not alarm the others…but he led us into a trap…

The goblin led us to a multi-level floor, connected by bridges and planks. As always, our fearless leader charged ahead, and we bravely followed. Much to our horror, we came face to face with several very large guard drakes, and another group of goblins intent on slaughtering us all.

Our fearless leader rushed ahead to a plank leading down into the lower levels with the intent to hold it off, but unknown to him, the drakes managed to jump right behind him. It was all downhill from there. Defiantly, the Colonel cried out, struggling against the horde of drakes while our comrade, Maeve, cast magic spells from afar. I unleashed several assaults with my mighty Lance of Faith, but it was not enough… and the Colonel fell, but not before urging us to flee. Moments later, Maeve and I were struck with the rain of arrows unleashed by our goblin enemies…

All around me, my comrades were falling, and I could hear their anguished cries rise up in the air (all save Three who could be heard crying: “Well balls to this”). I closed my eyes and summoned my Guardian, hoping that it would help hold off our enemies… but it was not enough…

As blood gushed from our wounds, I had a decision to make…to leave our fearless leader to death, or stay and fight to the death. But death was not an option. Beyond my faith in Melora, I had faith that I would see you once again…

With a prayer to Melora, and a cry of faith in my comrades, I managed to heal our leader and Maeve using every ounce of concentration I had as the drakes advanced on us. With my abilities limited, all seemed lost as the drakes surrounded me. But without warning, a hammer smashed through the drake ahead of me – to my astonishment our fearless leader had returned, stronger than ever, with a renewed appreciation for life, and dirt in his wounds.

And with another mighty blow from the Colonel’s hammer, an angry magical assault by Maeve, the drakes were reduced to dust. Barely able to stand, I did the only thing I could…I thought of you. Bless your image Sophia, for it was your beauty that helped heal me.

Revived, I stood once again, proud, and ready to push back the remaining goblins. My comrades stood beside me (all save Three who was cursing the remaining goblins with her foul mouth). The remaining goblins upon seeing the slaughter of their drakes, our renewed strength, and my touching of self (blessed be your image Sophia) had begun to flee. The Colonel stared me in the eyes and I could tell that he was preparing to finish them off, and with a mighty cry he charged head on…

His warcry was cut short, replaced with a shout of: “WHAT THE FRAK?” as the plank collapsed from under his feet. But despite being injured, and falling several feet, our leader was not affected in the slightest and he proclaimed “I AM AWESOME” as he climbed back up. By this time, with our leader and my Guardian approaching them, the goblins were terrified with fear. It wasn’t long before they too met the same fate as their drakes…

We regrouped and stared at one another, shocked at how close to death we had all come (all save Three who was busy playing with her amulet). We had all been changed from the incident…but the greatest change was that of the Colonel whose eyes burned intensely with a renewed hunger for life.

After exploring the room, we discovered a secret door that led us into a room with a large sleeping goblin. Stealthily, our leader approached his bed, and smashed the goblin’s face with his mighty hammer, but much to our horror the goblin cried out and flailed. Our moment had come and we charged in after our leader as other goblins approached us. We fought them off with ease and within moments all of the goblins, including the large fat one with the smashed face, had fallen.

After struggling with the treasure chest next to his bed, we realized the key around the goblin’s neck. Within the chest was a massive pile of gold. With morale improved, we decided to explore the rest of the room, crushing all the enemies that stood in our way. It wasn’t long before we were standing tall and proud, wealthier, and more experienced than before.

And it was here that we decided to rest, and I found the time to write to you about our adventures. My dearest Sophia, I think of you constantly, and although you are miles away I can feel your touch when I need it the most. It is your image that keeps me motivated, and alive. You are my will to life and I promise you that we will get to the bottom of this darkness, and I will return to you. Pray for our party.

With a love that radiates through the ages, Your Terminus

PS. I will Lance of Fury your ass to the ground if you cheat in my absence.



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