Sophia Padraig

Lord Padraig's Daughter


The beautiful daughter of Lord Padraig, kidnapped by ruffians, bound and tied up and placed into a chest, where she was periodically released to perform slave labor for them atop a dragon burial ground.

Many days later, the brave, heroic, and handsome Terminus (of the Galactica) rescued her in a valiant assault on the ruffians’ base atop the dragon burial ground, with some help from his comrades. They discovered that the ruffians were minions of the evil Kalarel, send out to gather ancient items for some nefarious scheme.

Upon their return to Winterhaven, and returning her to her father Lord Padraig, Terminus and his comrades celebrated at the local inn. It was at this point that Terminus heard Sophia’s fair and immeasurably beautiful voice, and fell in love, for the first time.

Now, with love burning in his previously empty heart, Terminus vows to protect Winterhaven, and especially Sophia at any cost, from any and all harm that may come their way…Even if it means a deadly trip to the Old Keep on the Shadowfell.

“The fear of loss, is the path to the dark side.” – Yoda

Sophia Padraig

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