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Return from the Keep

With the defeat of Kalarel the party decides to return with all haste to Winterhaven to answer the distress call they had received earlier from Valthrun in the journey book. The trip back is uneventful and the party makes good time.

Upon arriving at the outskirts of Winterhaven, a terrible sight awaits the party. Even from a distance, you can see the signs of a battle. There are multiple breaches in the walls and corpses can be seen strewn about everywhere. As you near the gates, you notice they seem to have been destroyed from the inside out. What ever happened here has long finished though. Despite all the damage, it seems the defenders of Winterhaven were ultimately victorious though not without cost.

Only one lone guard stands waiting at the gates, he looks haggard and weary, as if he hasn’t slept. Upon seeing you, he wearily waves you in and tells you that Lord Padraig has left instructions that should you return, that you should go see him at once at his Manor.

When asked what happened here, he briefly explains that they were attacked by undead that rose from the cemetary near Winterhaven. They locked down the gates and manned the walls. Everything seemed to be going well until a second attack was launched by a group of hobogoblin’s from within walls! The guards where too busy dealing with the undead threat outside that by the time anyone noticed and could do anything to stop them the hobogoblins had broken down the gates, stolen or released all the horses from the stables, and road out of town with wagons full of captive townsfolk, goods and supplies. After that, the undead poured into the town and all hell broke loose. The damage would probably have been even worse had an unknown paladin traveler not showed up and helped turn back the undead threat in their darkest hour.

He says he knows not how the hobogoblins got inside the town in the first place but that Lord Padraig has been in discussion with the surviving guards, the paladin and any townsfolk that may have seen anything suspicious trying to piece things together.

You leave the guard to his duty and make your way to Lord Padraig’s manor. On the way you see many dejected citizens milling about looking lost and depressed. There are some signs of recovery though, a few guards and townsfolk are at work, slowly clearing away the dead bodies and debris.

Upon arriving at the manor,

To be Continued.

The End of Kalarel

Post Pending.

Mid-Battle Voice Wave
Centuries in the future...

[the following is a series of magical audio waves, discovered by archeologists several hundred years following the incidents recorded. Apparently a group of brave warriors ventured into these dark, dark, corridors, attempting to fight a great evil…we are unsure of their fate, but these magical audio waves are all that currently remain…]

Dearest Sophia and any who intercept these audio waves:

I speak this entry in the middle of battle as a record of our having been here. I pray that when we emerge into the light of day, these voice prints will be a reminder of how close this world came to total annihila-

One moment, zombies everywhere. [the sound of shuffling, moaning as Terminus has forgotten to turn off the audio recording]

What in Melora’s name is that creature with wings?! Beat em down Colonel! Beat em down Pi! Beat –

Dammit! Stupid zombie preventing me from doing ranged attacks. I guess I’ll just have to destroy you the old fashioned way. EAT MACE! Ow! Hey that hurt! Ok that’s it!

[distant voice] YOU KILLED MY BROTHA?! GRAAA [sound of slicing and destruction]

[deep voice] WELL DONE LITTLE SQUIRT! This is indeed a dicey predicament we are in…

Maeve! Yes! Keep scorching burst the Colonel! What? No, no! I can heal him without having to try…Yes, yes, not to worry, I can’t fail when I utter a simple healing word! Have a little bit of faith!



We have successfully warded off the zombies and now make our way down a large flight of stairs…The things I do for the Colonel. He gets hurt, I heal him. He comes close to death, I bring him back into the light. I suppose I should be flattered that he constantly insults me. It must be his way of showing affection.

I can feel a disturbance in the holiness of this dungeon, as if we draw closer to a powerful evil…

We have now arrived in what appears to be a massive hall…No…There is blood everywhere! This must be the location of the ritual which will summon Orcus! Yes, yes it is! There is a man who looks familiar chanting in the center of the room.

Pi will attempt to sneak around to get a better look at – [the sound of metal falling and crashing, followed by cries of “BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD”]

Oh my. Well so much for sneaking. Lets see how – Oh my. These larger brutes look quite large and…I think I will stick to the more magical. With any luck he will be as weak as I am… [sound of chanting and cries of pain] Great Melora’s Tide! That is one powerful attack! I think I recognize that man from Priest College.

[sound of sword on sword clashing, hissing, vampiric assaults]


I cannot tolerate this any more! This magical man MUST be stopped! By the power of Melora, through the sheer powers that are bestowed upon me, THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE! GO NOW! I COMMAND YOU TO JUMP INTO THE HOLE!!!

[the sound of falling followed by splat]

Sophia! I successfully commanded him to fall into the pit! I am now moving to heal my comrades, who are valiantly holding off these large brutes and vampire like beings… Oh… there goes Three, fleeing as she usually does and hiding behind a door.

What the- magical man has returned! Fight him my friends! I will heal you! I will heal – OWWWWWWW! What have I done to endure such pain?

[deep voice] AHHH MAN UP YA PANSY!

Very well then! Just for that, I will touch myself then! That’s right! I cannot possibly miss when I am touching myself! Yes! Everyone! Focus your attack on the magical man! [sound of explosions, fire, and a gargled death]

That’s right! You die now magical man! For there can be ONLY ONE!

[deep voice] SHUT UP.

[whispering now] Oh dear, it appears I left the audio recording on once again. To my dearest Sophia, and anyone who may one day discover these magical audio waves…

Our troupe is a brave lot, foolhearty at times, unskilled at others, and apparently cursed with our constant lack of skill. But we fought to the depths of this world, to protect those that we love. In this dark, evil, place where light is scarce, sleep is non-existent, and nothing but evil thoughts and moans permeate the very walls within our minds, it is sometimes difficult to remember the light, to remember WHY we are here. We are slowly going insane as dark thoughts flood every waking moment.

But know this…We fought bravely. We fought valiantly. We fought with our all, and thensome against al odds! And now as we proceed to the darkest chasm yet, our resolve will meet its greatest challenge yet.

Should we succeed, we will be remembered as heroes. Should we fail…then these audio waves will be all that remain of our effort-


I’m not! Just thinking aloud! [whispering] This is Terminus the Cleric, and I love you Sophia. We will be united again! In this world, or the next…

[end of wave]

Pushing Back the Darkness
Thank goodness we are all...ALIVE

Dearest Sophia,

I write to you through OUR journal, but I can feel a dark presence preventing this note to going through clearly. It has been difficult to find a signal in this dark castle to write to you. I am not sure if you will receive this, but I pray that with Melora’s help it will.

My beloved, let me first assure you that I am alive and well and our mission is going better than expected (which is not too difficult considering or often low standards, and reprehensible luck).

Time seems to pass much slowly down here in the chasms of the castle. 5 minutes of conflict feels like 1 hour and it appears that an evil presence works against us. If this was a dungeon, this evil presence would be our dungeon master, who attempts to screw us over at every turn. My comrades and I have braved the darkness through to the deepest pit in the darkest hallways and have made some progress…

What feels like over half a year ago (but could actually be only a few minutes), we found a room that was swarming with Goblins. One of the Goblins was being imprisoned and so with a little careful intimidation by Three, we managed to acquire a new pet, who has been very resourceful to us in this Castle. If we survive this, I will bring little Smeagol home to you. I know you’ve always wanted a puppy. This dog-faced creature is the next best thing. And besides, he’s potty trained.

Shortly after our newest recruit, we found ourselves in a dark, twisted corridor where light did not exist. Down one end of the hall, was a longer one, with a large statute of Bahamut at the end. I recognized Bahamut immediately and proclaimed my recognition of Bahamut to my comrades, informing them it was Bahamut, for Bahamut was the god that I once worshipped (Bahamut being the name of Bahamut, the dragon god). Unknown to us however, the very mention of Bahamut’s name caused the neverending onslaught of skeletons that were attacking us. We were outnumbered, and surrounded, and terrified.

We held our ground against the skeletons for a long time until our brave leader The Colonel noticed the writing at the base of the statute. With a mighty cry, and steadfast (and headfirst) charge, The Colonel charged through the skeletons, but fell. Thankfully he fell right where the writing on the Statue was, and his skill with Dragonborn language came quite in handy.

It was at that moment that I realized it was my calling out of Bahamut’s name was why the skeletons were attacking us. Immediately, I was silenced, and shortly thereafter the skeletons retreated into their coffins. We healed momentarily and proceeded into the next room where an incredible sight befell us.

A large skeletal figure, possessed by the ghost of a broken warrior, approached us. The mighty Skeletor tested each of my party members to determine if we were even worthy of speech. My charisma and valor paid off and I was deemed worthy.

The tale Skeletor told us brought tears to my eyes. Skeletor was once an honourable knight, who fell to the darkness, and as a result of his obsessions, lost everything. His wife. His family. Everything. As he was speaking, I could feel a cold shiver flow across my back as I realized that were I in his position, I too may make the terrible decisions which ultimately led to his depressing fate. My dearest, I cannot even fathom what would happen to me were I ever to lose you…I would move the heavens and the Earth, convince the Gods, and bend them to my will if I had to…I would slaughter a thousand jedi, and even more younglings in your name…

I cannot live without you. Until we met, I was but a lost soul. Now I am found (Googlescroll-Maps helped determine where I was).

It was when Skeletor finished speaking that I could feel what was happening in the world outside. I could feel the City under siege, I could feel the forces of darkness slowly approaching your door. For a long moment, the urgency to rush to your aid was overwhelming, and just as Skeletor had done, I was ready to throw this entire world away just to save you. My comrades managed to knock some sense into me, and reminded me of what Skeletor had told us…that we HAD to close the Hell Mouth and avenge the death of his family. Should we rush out to save the Castle now, the world would fall to Orcus. The ONLY way to end this madness would be to go deeper into the Castle of Darkness…Which is exactly what we did….

We found ourselves in a twisted maze of traps, each of which caused us to tremble in fear, and scatter. Even with my glowing pants (thanks to the help of Maev), I was frightened. Against all odds, we managed to make it to the end of the maze where we made it down a long set of stairs. My wit and cunning aided us and we were asked for a password to enter the third level of the Castle… “Life ends in the dark”. Speaking those very words sent a chill down my spine.

Inside the Chamber, we fought even more Goblins, and a rather large spider. I attempted to command the Spider to fall into a pit, but the Spider did not heed to my cry of “YOU SHALL NOT PASS!” Consequently, it ended up right on the Colonel’s face.

We passed through many rooms, each room worse than the next. Goblins swarmed us from all sides, but we held our ground. We fought them off. We prevailed. Our brave and fearless leader The Colonel fought off four goblins and one large warlord, but as he rightfully proclaimed, there could be only ONE warlord. With our support (and a few successful scorching bursts…mine not included) we developed a new strategy to defeat our enemies. LET THE COLONEL DO WHAT HE DOES BEST, RUSH AT ENEMIES HEADFIRST, AND THEN RAIN FIRE AT HIM AND ANY ENEMIES AROUND HIM. This tactic worked surprisingly well and although Three nearly perished, we were allowed us to enter the next Chamber where a large Jello blob was painstakingly slowly headed our way…With several zombies close by.

Bravely, we pushed the zombies into the blob and watched the two annihilate one another (with a little help from that fraking poisonous potion which that vile, vile man, sold us at the marketplace!). At the end of this hallway, a terrible image awaited…

Clothes, dolls, toys…Of none other than Skeletor’s children, no more…

The next room we found ourselves in was enormous. A large statue of a knight, and two others of dragons were present, leering at us as if tempting us to charge head on. The Colonel did just that and ended up nearly getting guillotined, and burned. Deciding to put Smeagol’s skills to use, I had him walk around the statues to find a safe path to the doorway at the end of the hall.

And we found one, only the moment Smeagol entered into the end of the hall, invisible barriers appeared, and the statues began to flood where he was trapped. Rushing to his aid, Pi and I began to bash in the statues. Maeve realized that she could reach the panels next to the statues by using her Magic Hands (a skill which I feel would be very useful in my line of work) to shut down the large statue of the man. Finally, we had managed to destroy the vase statues and moments before Smeagol drowned, the water flowed out leaving a clear path to the door at the end of the hall…

I can feel us close to the end now. The evil in the next few rooms feels unlike any I have ever felt. I know that time is running out.

I don’t know if this letter will ever find you, but the only thought that has been ensuring my survival and motivation in this dark, terrifying place, has been my love for you, and the thought that when this is all over my eyes will meet yours once again.

My brave comrades and I will prevail. We will close the hellmouth. I trust that the Gods will bring you and I together once again, and our love alone will push back the darkness. Until then my dearest, stay safe, stay true, stay alive. I am coming back to you.

May Melora be with you, Her tide, not so much. All my love, and then-some

Your brave and hopeful Cleric, Terminus.

PS. I want to experience the joys of fatherhood. When I return, let us make babies. LOTS of babies. 500 BABIES!!!! Skeletor even said we should, if only to avenge the death of his children, so it must be done, and with the number of deaths suffered during this dark time, I think it’s time we were fruitful and multiplied. Why else do you think I brought back the toys belonging to Skeletor’s Children?

The Blade of Death, the Touch of Life
"Sometimes death is a drake away."

Dearest Sophia,

I write to you via the casting of the nethertubes to let you know that I am alive. My dearest, I pray to Melora that you are well, both in spirit and in appearance. I’ve managed to find a short gasp of time to inform you of our adventures as we descend deeper and deeper into Shadowfell Keep to investigate the strange occurrences in the area.

My dearest, I do not wish to alarm you, but since our arrival we have struggled to stay alive. At times I wonder what it is that blesses us all with life and health…and then I remember that it is I, the healing cleric. In our most recent adventure, we barely made it out alive…

Our arrival at Shadowfell Keep was not uneventful, and the moment we entered the dark Keep, we were assaulted by a horde of goblins. Thanks to our fearless leader (who bravely discovered a hole in the ground filled with rats), we managed to fight off the goblins, all save for one. We charged after the goblin to ensure that it would not alarm the others…but he led us into a trap…

The goblin led us to a multi-level floor, connected by bridges and planks. As always, our fearless leader charged ahead, and we bravely followed. Much to our horror, we came face to face with several very large guard drakes, and another group of goblins intent on slaughtering us all.

Our fearless leader rushed ahead to a plank leading down into the lower levels with the intent to hold it off, but unknown to him, the drakes managed to jump right behind him. It was all downhill from there. Defiantly, the Colonel cried out, struggling against the horde of drakes while our comrade, Maeve, cast magic spells from afar. I unleashed several assaults with my mighty Lance of Faith, but it was not enough… and the Colonel fell, but not before urging us to flee. Moments later, Maeve and I were struck with the rain of arrows unleashed by our goblin enemies…

All around me, my comrades were falling, and I could hear their anguished cries rise up in the air (all save Three who could be heard crying: “Well balls to this”). I closed my eyes and summoned my Guardian, hoping that it would help hold off our enemies… but it was not enough…

As blood gushed from our wounds, I had a decision to make…to leave our fearless leader to death, or stay and fight to the death. But death was not an option. Beyond my faith in Melora, I had faith that I would see you once again…

With a prayer to Melora, and a cry of faith in my comrades, I managed to heal our leader and Maeve using every ounce of concentration I had as the drakes advanced on us. With my abilities limited, all seemed lost as the drakes surrounded me. But without warning, a hammer smashed through the drake ahead of me – to my astonishment our fearless leader had returned, stronger than ever, with a renewed appreciation for life, and dirt in his wounds.

And with another mighty blow from the Colonel’s hammer, an angry magical assault by Maeve, the drakes were reduced to dust. Barely able to stand, I did the only thing I could…I thought of you. Bless your image Sophia, for it was your beauty that helped heal me.

Revived, I stood once again, proud, and ready to push back the remaining goblins. My comrades stood beside me (all save Three who was cursing the remaining goblins with her foul mouth). The remaining goblins upon seeing the slaughter of their drakes, our renewed strength, and my touching of self (blessed be your image Sophia) had begun to flee. The Colonel stared me in the eyes and I could tell that he was preparing to finish them off, and with a mighty cry he charged head on…

His warcry was cut short, replaced with a shout of: “WHAT THE FRAK?” as the plank collapsed from under his feet. But despite being injured, and falling several feet, our leader was not affected in the slightest and he proclaimed “I AM AWESOME” as he climbed back up. By this time, with our leader and my Guardian approaching them, the goblins were terrified with fear. It wasn’t long before they too met the same fate as their drakes…

We regrouped and stared at one another, shocked at how close to death we had all come (all save Three who was busy playing with her amulet). We had all been changed from the incident…but the greatest change was that of the Colonel whose eyes burned intensely with a renewed hunger for life.

After exploring the room, we discovered a secret door that led us into a room with a large sleeping goblin. Stealthily, our leader approached his bed, and smashed the goblin’s face with his mighty hammer, but much to our horror the goblin cried out and flailed. Our moment had come and we charged in after our leader as other goblins approached us. We fought them off with ease and within moments all of the goblins, including the large fat one with the smashed face, had fallen.

After struggling with the treasure chest next to his bed, we realized the key around the goblin’s neck. Within the chest was a massive pile of gold. With morale improved, we decided to explore the rest of the room, crushing all the enemies that stood in our way. It wasn’t long before we were standing tall and proud, wealthier, and more experienced than before.

And it was here that we decided to rest, and I found the time to write to you about our adventures. My dearest Sophia, I think of you constantly, and although you are miles away I can feel your touch when I need it the most. It is your image that keeps me motivated, and alive. You are my will to life and I promise you that we will get to the bottom of this darkness, and I will return to you. Pray for our party.

With a love that radiates through the ages, Your Terminus

PS. I will Lance of Fury your ass to the ground if you cheat in my absence.

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