The Colonel

Race: Tiefling

Class: Warlord


The Colonel served for many years in a number of armies across the land. No longer as young as he was, the Colonel remains a proud soldier, unwilling to accept that he is no longer agile as he once one. At the same time, he is disdainful of the “new ways” and what he perceives as the folly of today’s youth.

After graduating from Urther Dendrites Mercenariam him and a few colleagues banded together to form the Galactica Limited Liability Mercenary Partnership and have set off to hopefully gain some fame and fortune.


A superstitious man, he respects tradition and the “right way” of doing things. Some would call him a pragmatist, if somewhat set in his ways. He thinks of himself simply as efficient. Though he often neglects to look where he’s stepping in the heat of battle in his haste to get into close quarters with the enemy.

Best known for: Not being a good wing man.

The Colonel

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