Ufton Rung

The Mighty Paladin!

Race: Human

Class: Paladin


The son of poor farmers from Old Country, Ufton Rung dreamed of being something more. After years of training from the Church of Bahamut to become a paladin, he was finally ready to set out and make his name as a mighty warrior of justice. He enrolled in Urther Dendrites Mercenariam so he could gain the practical skills necessary to survive in the deadly world outside his small town.

Personality Traits:

Though in his mind he sees himself as great warrior without peer, in reality he has a tendency to miss and often drop his mighty mace due to his somewhat clumsy nature.

He is currently in the Nentir Vale working as a guard for hire for the local merchants in the the town of Fallcrest.

Best known for: Inability to hit anything and dropping his mace in combat.

Myth: Contrary to popular belief, he’s not wrong that often.

Ufton Rung

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